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Salem, Massachussetts

Good evening foodie fam!

Hope you are all doing well during these crazy times and keeping yourselves busy! I recently went on a weekend trip with my husband to Salem, MA so I figured I would share a little bit with all of you.

We left on a Saturday morning and took a drive up to Boston which is where we were staying. We stayed right in the city at the Kimpton Onyx Hotel. It was wonderful because it was right in the middle of everything. We didn't do too much that day since we got there around 3:00 PM, but we did go for an early dinner. We stopped at Ava's Kitchen and Bar which was delicious. It's a really cute casual spot which sells burgers as well as any other casual food you may enjoy. I had a cheeseburger and fries and truly loved it. We did not stay too long however because it started to get too crowded which we did not feel comfortable with.

The next day was the big day! We went to Salem which I have always dreamed about since I was a little girl. It is such a small town so you can do the trip in one day if you really want too. We originally planned on two days, but after seeing how small it truly was we packed everything into one day. I am a huge fan of Hocus Pocus and Halloween so I was overjoyed. Many of the restaurants have a super long wait so I would go prepared. We tried the Ugly Mug Diner but that wait was over two hours long! We had heard many good things about Gulu Gulu Cafe so we opted to try this and it was a little over an hour. Being as we were starving we figured this would do! During our wait we went to a small Witch Museum since the famous one was sold out. This helped pass the time.

After it was finally time for lunch! I had the chicken avocado club which I would truly recommend. Gulu Gulu Cafe took all the necessary precautions and had social distancing down to a science. The cafe is decorated with a dark feel to it, but it's spectacular and adorable. It is a perfect little brunch spot or date night with your significant other!

We wanted to try the Witch Walk however that gets sold out days in advance. I would recommend booking weeks ahead. Being as this was my first time there I had no idea. We did the Spellwork Garden which was just added this year! It's super cute and you learn how to make spells with one of their local witches.

Now the sight seeing here is unbelievable! We walked over to the Witch House which is a popular sight to see in Salem. In addition to this, if you love Hocus Pocus as much as me there is a lot you need to see! I had made a huge list of everything so I came prepared. I went to Rope Mansion which is the house that Alison resides in from Hocus Pocus. Normally they have tours, but due to COVID you were only allowed to walk outside. It was breathtakingly beautiful, the garden was beyond anything I could ever dream of. Now, besides this we just had to go to Max and Dani's house! This is a little bit outside of the city so it was a bit of a walk. The house is right on the water which you cannot tell due to the way they film the house in this movie.

The last stop we had to make was Nightmare Gallery. If you enjoy horror movies this is the place for you. Nightmare Gallery is a museum dedicated to all things horror. I do not want to go too much into detail here due to the terms and conditions they have in place, but I would recommend checking this spot out. It was our favorite.

For dinner we heard many good things about Howling Wolf Taqueria so I had to try. I love Mexican food so I am a bit of a snob when it comes to that. There was a bit of a wait but nothing too crazy like lunch. The restaurant was a lot smaller than I had pictured but they also had social distancing down very well. As an appetizer we had the Chicken Taquitos. These were so crispy and stuffed to the rim with chicken. For my main course I had a grilled chicken enchilada while my husband had a chicken quesadilla. He's boring, never trying anything new!

After dinner we left and went back to the hotel. It was a long and grueling day, but man was it worth it. The next day we spent the day in Boston, but I will cover that in a new blog post another time!

If you love Halloween as much as me, I highly encourage you to check out Salem, MA. I will be making it a yearly tradition now.



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