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Mystic, Connecticut Things to Do

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Happy Halloween Ghouls & Witches! Last weekend I had the pleasure of going on a beautiful getaway with my husband and a few friends to Mystic, Connecticut. Mystic is a small town in Connecticut which is great for a weekend trip. I absolutely loved it and would totally go back. It reminded me of Salem, Massachusetts! Keep reading for my itinerary on what we did during our two full days there. I hope this helps if you're planning on taking a trip up to this quaint little town!

During the day Friday, my husband and I both worked our day jobs. We left the house around 8PM EST and got to our destination around 11PM EST. It is about a three hour drive from New Jersey. When we got there we stopped at Friar's Tavern to meet our friends in downtown Mystic. Mystic Connecticut Downtown is a beautiful area filled with restaurants and shops all within walking distance of each other. Friar's Tavern is a cute bar located right in Mystic Connecticut Downtown. It contains a large outdoors section where they had a fire going as it's getting chilly here in the Northeast. I ordered my signature Malibu Bay Breeze (if you know, you know) before heading back to the hotel for our first night.

We stayed at Hilton Mystic which is so close to all the action! I highly recommend staying here if you're planning a trip due to the convenience. It's about a five minute drive from Mystic Connecticut Downtown. Saturday morning our hotel hosted complimentary breakfast for all guests so we grabbed food to fuel us for our jam packed day. It was buffet style and absolutely delicious! Our first stop after breakfast was the famous Mystic Aquarium. For entrance you need to wear your mask at any indoor exhibits as well as the daily show. The aquarium is absolutely gorgeous with two floors of beautiful marine life and outdoor exhibits. It contains a ray and shark touch pool and an adorable daily show of sea lions throughout the day. The show is about 15 minutes long and absolutely worth every minute.

For lunch we stopped at Mystic Pizza. This was on my husband's bucket list and I'm gleeful it was. Mystic Pizza is a famous restaurant located in Mystic Connecticut Downtown with a movie "Mystic Pizza" filmed in 1988. The restaurant has two floors with lovely service and ambiance. My husband and I shared a pie with half cheese and buffalo chicken. We also got mozzarella sticks as an appetizer and fried pickles to share amongst our friends. The pizza was a bit thicker than New Jersey Pizza but it was ranked 10/10 in my NJ book. ;)

After lunch we walked it off checking out all the shops in Mystic Connecticut Downtown. With COVID you do have to wear your mask in all stores but no negative tests, ect . are required for entrance. Afterwards we stopped at a charming restaurant The Engine Room to grab some drinks. The cocktails are probably the best I have ever had! Lastly we checked out The Mariner for dinner which is more on the upscale and elegant side located again in the charming heart of Mystic Connecticut Downtown. I ordered a bowl of Clam Chowder with Fettuccine as my entree and a nice glass of wine.

Sunday was more on the relaxing side of our weekend. We checked out Mystic Seaport Museum as our main activity for the day which is a riveting self guided tour located right outside of Mystic Connecticut Downtown. I would recommend blocking out at least 3 hours of your day to get the most out of this experience. The grounds are covered with amazing historic land, ships, ect. If you're a history buff like my husband this museum is a MUST SEE! Honestly, I'm not big on history but I was truly fascinated. Lastly we got lunch and checked out the shops in Olde Mistick Village with shops and restaurants in a cute village setting. Unlike downtown, you do not need to wear your masks as often here but I'd totally bring it for backup. It all depends on the shop you check out and obviously your own comfort level!

There you have it! Have you ever been to Mystic, Connecticut? What was your favorite activity? I personally loved Olde Mistick Village and the aquarium but downtown sure had it's charm ;)



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