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Museum of Ice Cream

What's up all you cool cats and kittens!? Today I've decided to stray from COVID-19 talk and let you all in on my experience at the Museum of Ice Cream. I went the end of February but with everything going on, this is the first chance I'm getting to fill you crazy kids in.

If you have not been the Museum of Ice Cream is basically that, a museum of ice cream. The one I went to was in New York City but they also have a location in San Fransisco, California. Since my husband brings me to all his sports events (Yawn) I decided to bring him on this adventure with me.

As soon as you walk in you are emerged by such bright colors and souvenirs everywhere. You actually walk right into the gift shop before entering with your tickets. Once entering each room has a unique theme to it with different flavors of ice cream being given out. The first room we entered had a game of Simon Says before entering the room. The room was filled with treats and ice cream which were all free with a purchase of a ticket. I felt like a little child in a candy store, I was beyond ecstatic. Don't get me wrong, we went on a Saturday so the place was packed with kids. However I did see other couples there as well. It is a place for children or adults to really let their imaginations out and feel 10 again, everyone is welcome!

The place has a bunch of rooms with a different theme to it as stated earlier. They have a room where you feel like you are in the NYC subway. If you have never been on the subway, trust me you don't want too. It's absolutely disgusting which was the opposite of this display. The subway was painted pink with bright colors and super inviting. NYC subway, not so much. It was a perfect photo opportunity that I could not pass up!

After that, there is a room with a huge slide which leads you to the next room! We opted out of the slide and took an elevator down. The line was filled with little kids so we did not want to take it from them. Next time I go, I'll be sure to use that slide. It led us into a yellow room, with huge chairs that looked like thrones. The next room was probably my husband's favorite. It was an adorable playground, with ping pong which we had to play. There was also swings and a monkey bar set to check out too.

The last room was my favorite. I'm sure if you've followed this museum or know someone who has went you've seen photos of this room. The Sprinkle Pool! The room was huge with life size "sprinkles" everywhere. There were loads of people trying to get the perfect 'Instaworthy" shot, myself included! I absolutely loved it, this room was the main reason I wanted to check this place out!

If you are in the NYC area when this pandemic is over looking for something to do, I would highly recommend this spot. The tickets are fairly reasonable as well. As always, stay safe guys and hope to see you all soon!



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