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Limani Seafood

Happy Sunday! This weekend has really flown by, and I even took Friday off for a nice three day weekend. Anyhow, Friday night my husband and I went out to dinner for a nice celebratory dinner. Can't tell you what we were celebrating yet, but no we are not having kids yet, although we are getting a fur child soon!

We often go to a nice town called Westfield in NJ, and if you have not been there I can definitely describe it for you, so you get a nice feel of what it is like. It is a nice, quiet safe town, filled with magic each and every season. The downtown area is filled with a million little shops and restaurants. We actually got my husband's wedding suit from one of the shops down there! In the summer time, and warmer months it is more lively on the streets, since everyone is walking around enjoying the warmer weather.

Friday night we went to a cute little restaurant called Limani Seafood & Grill. We went once before last summer and ended up eating outside since it was such a beautiful day. This time, being it was about forty degree's out, we ate inside as did everyone else! The restaurant is already decked out for the holidays with such beautiful decor. It really gets you in the holiday spirit, and it even helps that the restaurant is small and cozy so you can cozy up next to your significant other for a nice date night. The service is top notch as well, you really do not have to wait for anything which is nice if you are as impatient as I am. The waitstaff knows how to personalize your experience so you feel important and good for spending your money there.

The menu has a lot to choose from! It is BYOB which we did not know, since we only went once. OOPS, but hey water is good too, right? They have some salads to start off with, or a nice Seafood Raw Bar. For hot appetizers you can choose anything such as Jumbo Lump crab cakes, ect, and many others. For your main course they have a lot of pasta dishes to choose from such as Jumbo Shrimp Scampi, Parmigian with your choice of shrimp, scallops, or flounder, Whole Split Lobster Fra Diablo, ect. They also have your choice of meat entree's such as a New York Strip Steak, Chicken Parm, ect. and of course your main seafood dishes. I will post a link of the menu on the bottom of the page so you can take a look for yourself!

For my main dish I opted for the parmigian with shrimp. The pasta they used was a nice spaghetti, with some delicious red sauce. The shrimp was grilled and crunchy, and made for a nice touch. I sadly did not end up eating it all, but lucky for me I got to take it home and ate the rest Saturday afternoon.

All in all, I was not disappointed and I highly doubt you will be either. Go check this place out!



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