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Clay Pot NYC

Happy Sunday y'all! Hope this Sunday finds you well, it's got me feeling some serious Sunday scaries as I sit here watching some Riverdale on Netflix. If you are feeling Sunday scaries of your own read on about my experience at Clay Pot NYC.

If you've never heard of it Clay Pot comes from a traditional type of cooking from Hong Kong which is cooking rice in a clay pot over an open-flame setting.

I went on a Monday night for dinner with my husband after work and we were super excited to try. Hot pot is pretty new here but New York City is always on top of the trends, ya feel me? We went to the location in West Village which was pretty easy to find if you hop on a subway or the path. West Village is fairly quiet so driving can be an option but I would not recommend it due to little parking. We took the path train and it was about a five minute walk from there. Once you get in the place is pretty small but the atmosphere and aroma is extremely inviting.

The customer service is very top notch and they make sure to greet you right away. Upon walking in you are invited by so many cute little pictures and phrases on the walls. It feels like you are in someone's apartment rather than a quant little restaurant. If you get the clay pot it comes with rice, eggs, broccoli, corn, tofu, ginger and scallions and your choice of two toppings. Joe and I both got the Clay Pot with chicken and shrimp. The toppings to choose from are beef, eel, chinese sausage, pork belly, salmon and vegetables. They cook the food in an open area towards the back of the restaurant which you can see over open flames which is real neat.

The plates are really hot when served so by all means be very careful! The food tasted so much healthier than I imagined which led me very surprised. I had never had Hot Pot until this day but I pretty much knew the concept behind it. The chicken and shrimp were so fresh and the white rice was honestly the best part. As you get to the bottom of the bowl the rice gets crunchier and honestly that was my favorite part. They have all different kinds of sauces as well to choose from to put into your bowl to add some rich flavor and you bet I drowned mine in teriyaki sauce!

If you are looking for a quick bite to eat in the NYC area, Clay Pot is it. From the fast paced service and delicious food you're in for a serious treat.



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