Cafe Peanut, Jersey City

Cafe Peanut is a unique little cafe located near Journal Square, Jersey City, NJ. It is owned by one of my amazing friends Dee and her husband, and is really such a hidden gem. The menu has all kinds of coffee, specialty drinks, and delicious food! Some entree options are vegan which is super popular the days. So many people are now watching more what they put into their bodies, myself included.

On any normal day once you walk in, you are most likely greeted by Dee right at the counter with a warm smile on her face. She has such an infectious and inviting personality. The cafe is really adorable and has a cozy feel to it. It's really inviting and a nice spot to grab a coffee with friends or study if you are in the area. The latte's are my favorite and are made with such careful craft. Do not even get me started on the grilled cheese, I'm drooling just thinking about it.

Unfortunately, like most restaurants Cafe Peanut has been impacted by the spread of COVID-19. These amazing individuals have not let that stop them at making such a positive impact in their community throughout this whole mess. Cafe Peanut is offering weekly meal plans on the website every week. These meal plans change every week with new dishes up on the site so I'd check back weekly if I were you. Think about it, no cooking for a week and delicious meals made for you! Below I will link the website so you can see if you'd like to purchase a meal plan in the future.

Cafe Peanut has also been tirelessly and selflessly working around the clock to donate food to local essential workers. Dee even spent her birthday giving back. She's honestly the best, go give her a shout out on Instagram! They've delivered countless amounts of meals to Jersey City Medical Center, The Post Office, Vita Med, and Hudson Hills Retirement Home. This is the kindness we need more of in this world. Cafe Peanut has been impacted just the same as any other restaurant, and they've chosen to give back.

I for one cannot wait until this is over, but it is such a beautiful thing to see communities coming together at this time. Until next time, stay safe guys.



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